Streamline Forest Management with a Comprehensive Platform

FireView AI simplifies the complex task of forest management by providing an all-in-one solution that covers everything from real-time monitoring to post-event recovery, ensuring efficiency at every step.

Key Features

  • Wildfire risk map for proactive actions and measures to prevent wildfires
  • Forest fire status monitoring
  • Damage analysis and reports for assessing impact and damage
  • Recovery tracking and progress reports

Effortless Insights over Vast Landscapes

Easily access valuable insights even across extensive forested areas, facilitated by our user-friendly interface and the power of multi-spatial data integration.

Intuitive Multi-Modal Analysis

Harness the full potential of multi-modal analysis, making it easy to combine diverse data sources and obtain comprehensive forest assessments.

Enhanced Precision via Multi-Spatial Data Fusion

Achieve unparalleled accuracy by merging data from various sources, enabling precise and detailed analysis that's critical for effective forest management.

Meissa Planet is committed to sustainability.

Our technology fosters responsible forest management,

reduces environmental harm, and contributes to a healthier planet for generations to come.